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Update on Africa

Hello Everyone, I have tried to download a video I made for another update but I am having difficulty downloading it, so I am writing an update for you. The people here flew me to Pretoria and we had three meetings there. In the first meeting the Lord came in power and delivered a lot of people. Including one that had a lot of demons. The demons threw the person on the ground and made them writhe on the floor like a snake. I was sad to see this person tormented that way. However, I was glad afterward, because God delivered the person. The next day they held a youth meeting and the Lord gave a great sign to the youth to let them know that He was real. I touched a girls hands, and instantly oil started pouring our of her hands and finger nails. It was incredible! She obviously had a healing gift as well. It made the youth fired up! The next morning we had a Sunday service. The pastor (Ravi) got up and ask the congregation that if anyone was sick please come up for prayer. He then turned and asked the little girl with the healing gift to come up to pray for them. When she approached the front, the oil started coming out of her hands again. She turned around, looked at me with a big smile as though she knew the Lord had given her that special gift. It was so beautiful to watch God touch everyone. We flew back to Durban Sunday afternoon and started the Spirit School on Monday. Every night has been powerful. It’s as though we are having meetings with the Lord Himself teaching us! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

It is beautiful here! Love, Brad

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    This is so awesome. Thank you lord for such a move of your power. I receive mine in Jesus name.

    • Bradford McClendon

      Brad McClendon

      Keep coming Lord! Thanks for the comment!


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