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Fire Conference – Cherkassy, Ukraine

Just returned from speaking to an amazing group of young people at a youth conference in Cherkassy, Ukraine. This was one of the best youth conferences I have attended in years. Pastor Uri and Tonya Biviets of Cherkassy hosted the conference. They are some of the greatest people I know and their hospitality was overwhelming.

The conference started off with the youth leaders a bit nervous. However, this was to be expected by everyone. These young leaders did an incredible job leading us in worship throughout the conference. Randy and I spoke the first night on believing and walking in the Supernatural. The presence of God came and started opening the peoples’ hearts and many were touched by the His power. The next evening was something I haven’t experienced in years. In fact, the last time I experienced this type of power from God, I was in a Benny Hinn crusade. The room was packed with people and as soon as we began to worship the power of God fell. Randy went up on stage and started worshipping with the worship team and then began to minister prophetically to the people. As he was releasing words of knowledge for healing, people got out of their chairs and came forward for prayer. As they did, I leaned over to a friend that was with us, Pastor Darren Davis of the Harbor Church in Pompano Beach, FL., and asked him, “Do you have something from the Lord?” He smiled and said “Yes I think I do.” I told him to go up and share it with the people. When he got on the stage, he started to pray prophetically for Ukraine. It was beautiful to watch all the people pray for their country. It moved me in a deep way. By this time, most all of the young people that were attending were down in front praying for the country.

As Randy, and Darren Davis, started to minister individually, I walked up on the stage and worship came over me and I began to sing a prophetic song to the Lord. I felt the power of God’s presence start to increase in the building and the Spirit started to heal people all over the room. Randy started gathering some of the youth to pray for people who had crooked backs and their backs would immediately straighten up. We found out later that they had been diagnosed with Scoliosis and their bodies completely straightened. People who were contemplating suicide were completely set free from death. God literally saved their life! People gave their hearts to the Lord as well and received salvation. Most all of the youth walked away from the conference having confidence in Lord and in themselves that they too can minister to people and see God use them in a powerful way. All I can say is that Jesus Christ came in the building and healed, delivered, and restored peoples’ hearts, bodies, and lives that night! Thank you so much for your prayers and support. There is definitely an increase of power and anointing being released to draw people to salvation and to see their lives and bodies healed. The following pictures are some I took during the meetings. There are also pictures of the family that we lodged with while in Cherkassy.


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