God Pays Out

1 Timothy 5:18 You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain, and, The Laborer is worthy of his wages.

I love this about God. Those that truly labor in the field, whether it be a job in the market place, those distributing His word, or equipping people, He always pays out above and beyond the fruits of those He hired.

One of the definitions of “muzzling an Ox”, is when the employer or master does not sufficiently pay his or her’s employees, ministers, etc. for their labors in the field they hired them in.

If an ox doesn’t benefit, or is muzzled from eating of the fruit of his labors while he treads, he will grow weak. When this occurs, the employers field, whether it be people, finances, employee’s attitudes, finances, etc., is effected. Poverty sets in, and the masters ox slowly die out. All of this because the master muzzled his ox, or didn’t pay his employees what they deserved, nor let them benefit in their labors.

This occurrence is quite common in the work place. It is also sadly implemented in the Christian culture today. The employees are not sufficiently paid for their labors, and in some cases the employees are told to raise their own finances in order to work and be on staff in the church or ministry. A person raising their own finances to work in the mission field is understandable, but when it comes to positioning one on staff, then it is the employees responsibility to pay wages for that person’s labor. Many ministries suffer poverty through their whole ministry when this occurs.

If you truly think of it today, what person would would take a job that makes them raise their own money to labor in a job?- No, one. They would find a job elsewhere that paid wages for labor.

There are even many laborers (ministers) today that are standing idle in this world, mainly because no one will truly hire (pay) them. They will not labor for free and shouldn’t.
Yet their is a time coming when the Lord will send true Masters to round them up and hire (pay & reward) them for their labors in the field of the world. Everyone will be paid their just portion. (Matthew 20:1-16)

Today, if your company, church or ministry is suffering, honestly examine how you are paying your employees. If you truly can’t afford to pay those you have, then you are trying to be larger than you truly are. People are suffering in your decision. Nevertheless if you scale back, release those that need a job, and truly pay the staff members that you keep, God would begin to flourish your church, company, or ministry. For you now, are no longer muzzling the ox in your field. You are like the “Good Master.”

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