God Story 2 – Rich Man’s Baby

Once I was working for a car dealership where we sold Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari’s, etc. There was one particular day where all of our salesmen were on the parking lot showing cars to customers. A new customer came in and asked if I could show him a certain Mercedes.  I got the keys to the Mercedes and walked him out to the car. He then wanted to take a test drive.  As we were driving, the man began to ask me how I got into the business. I began to tell him my process with God and how He led me there to work at the business.  We pulled into the dealership, and as we got out of the car, I was still sharing how God had changed my life. I didn’t realized that while I had been speaking, God was getting the man’s attention and was truly listening to every word that was being shared.  As we stood in the parking lot I was about to finish my whole story when suddenly the words that came out of my mouth were not me, for I knew that I would not have known the type of knowledge that was about to be spoken.  As I was speaking I immediately said in mid sentence of my conversation – “and you and your wife have been trying to have a baby for years.”  “You have tried every form of having a child, from vitro to adoption, and you have not been able to have one, but God wants to give you one.” The rich man’s eyes bugged out with amazement and the power and presence of God suddenly engulfed us. He yelled out, “What is this!” I then realized what was going on and said, “Oh, that is the presence of God.” He then replied with tears in his eyes, you don’t realized what you have just said.’” “My wife and I have been trying to have a child for 6 yrs. and have not been able to come close to having one.” I replied, “Well, God wants to give you one.” Without me even prompting anything to do, the man opened his to hands and said, “Pray, I know God will give me one.”  I prayed and we both cried together in the parking lot because of the precious presence of God that was present with us. He left with joy and hope in his heart.

A few days later the man called me at work and said that he was having a big party at his house with many guests and he wanted me to tell them all about what had happen to him and I in the parking lot.  I accepted the invitation and went to his party.When I arrived to his massive house. I walked in and there were tons of wealthy people standing around that came from a wide range of beliefs. From atheist, Baptist, Lutheran, muslims, etc.  He had us all siting down at the table eating and after we were almost finished, the man leaned back in his chair and pulled out a cigar and lit it and said to me, “Ok Brad.” Tell them about that thing that came on us in the parking lot.” “You know, that God thing.”  He also said, after that experience, he waited till night fall and took his wife up to the dealership and made her stand in the place were he and I stood that day and said, “You feel it?” “That’s where God came!” His wife said, that when she stood in that place, the presence God, or what they called “that presence thing” came upon her.  I was amazed at the faith that they both had to go and see God at a car dealership at night when closed.  I began to tell the story about our experience with God and people were amazingly touched by God that night. I left that party amazed at what God had done.

After that night, I did not see that man until after 9 nine months had passed. He came to the dealership and I was out back in the service department walking out of one of our garages, and he came running around the building and stopped half way between he and I in the parking lot, and gazed at me with a big smile on his face. I looked at him and smiled. He then said, “It’s a girl!” He ran and hugged me and we both cried thanking Jesus for his favor and giving he and his wife a child.  God loves man! He loves to give life!

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