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The enemy beat Paul and Silas and put them in the inner chamber of darkness, not knowing that he was posturing them to attract God to come in the dungeon.  God is always attracted from heaven to those who are broken hearted and  bound in prison. So Paul and Silas started worshiping Him because they knew He was coming! When He came in He freed everyone! You see, when God truly comes, it doesn’t matter what kind of prison you are in, He frees everyone there! Even those that we think truly deserve bondage, He sets free! So praise Him in your beatings and prison, for He is coming to set the your captivity free. It will seem as a dream! He loves prisoners! Acts 16:22-29, Psalms 126

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Our purpose is to reveal how much God still loves the world and to give Jesus His reputation back on the earth. We have witnessed the Spirit of God moving in powerful ways in the areas of miraculous understanding, healing, and deliverance. In this power that follows us, is a huge atmosphere of God’s love. A large part of our ministry is dedicated to equipping, and releasing the body of Christ into its destiny.