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When Jesus was born, He was not born to do His own will, but the will of the Spirit. This is true with us as well. Jesus was tempted on all points with the same type of temptations that men have today. To be tempted means that the person thinks about acting on the tempting thought that is giving. Yet Jesus overcame every physical, mental, and emotional temptation that man has ever received for our sake. He overcame the temptations by obeying the Spirit of God, instead of heeding to the feelings of His own desires. Can you imagine what went on in Jesus’ mind when he looked at Judas Iscariot knowing that he would betray him? Yet Jesus knew that He had to pick Him because the Father had chosen Judas for His life? Jesus had to trust the Spirit instead of trusting His own alarming feelings that were fighting against God’s plan that were saying, “This guy will betray you in the long run!” That day was another death for Jesus within His own will. Every day He died daily of His own will and pick up His Father’s way. Jesus chose to carry His cross daily.

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