I had a vision not too long ago of eagles in a chicken coop. They all thought they were chickens, when in reality, they were majestic mature eagles. Yet they were acting like chickens, scratching the ground for food. They would even start “pecking” on one another over one little territory of earth in “their” area, not knowing they had the heavens all to themselves. They believed that they couldn’t fly, because there was a fence around them, which made them believe that they could only walk on the earth. When the pecking would start against one another, it would leave open wounds for flies to land and lay their eggs within the wound, only to make matters worse for their lives.

Every time they would look at the fence around them, which was an illusion of fear, it caused them to think that they were limited within the confines of their lives. They believed that it was the way life truly is supposed to be. So, they made the best of it. Other eagles would fly above and try to call for them with chilling screams to rise up and join them in the heavens. Those on the ground would hear the call and look up but place their heads right back down and continue to live and walk as chickens.

This vision was disturbing to me, because I knew that it was the condition of the mentality in most Christians in America. This chicken coup as a whole, was an illusion that had been slowly built within the mind of the eagles. The fence represented “fear” that had been slowly indoctrinated in the minds of the people to not go beyond the boundaries of the expectations of man, nor themselves. The foundations of the fence were built on the “fear of man”, yet the people (eagles) didn’t think it was fear, but limits of faith that the Lord himself had given them. The fence had been built over the years by the doctrines and rules of men, who had been used unknowingly by the “Accuser” himself. The eagles pecking one another over territory, represented the territorialism that had been spawned within their minds from the doctrines of the fear. If they knew that they had all of the heavens and the earth that was given by God, they would find themselves sharing what they had found with joy. For all the heavens and earth has been given by God for all of God’s people. The flies in the wounds represented lies that would be sown while they were wounded, which caused them to be even more fearful of anyone getting close to themselves or the territory they felt “God” gave them. Lastly, was the call from above from God and His fellow friends (eagles). This was heart breaking, because it represented all the time, that He sent His anointed ones to encourage and show them who they are through Christ Jesus, yet they would hear the wonderful messages presented, but didn’t truly believe them, for fear would make them say within themselves, “That message is for someone else, but not me.” They had placed their faith in the identity and voice of fear so long that they truly thought it was God’s voice. When a message of “Truth” would be herald from the Kingdom of God, they couldn’t receive it. However, one thing I recognized that gave me hope, is that God kept sending eagles (messengers) in their lives to continue to try and wake them up to stretch out their wings of faith, so that the Holy Spirit can carry them up above the fear that they have be walking in.

Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart as in the day of the rebellion in Israel’s day. For if you hear His voice and begin to believe in what He says, the wind of the Spirit will come and begin to blow hope, faith, and love within your hearts, and cause you to walk above the fear line of the enemy and fly within the limitless places of God’s Kingdom. Remember, faith comes, by hearing, and hearing the words of God, not the words of man or the enemy himself. Here are few scriptures that I was given that may help – Romans 10:17, Luke 12:32-34, 2Cor:5:7-8, Roman 8:1-2, 5-16, 37-39, Rev. 12:11, 2 Tim 1:7 Isaiah 40:31

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