Revelation of Dry Places – Understanding God In The Valley

Revelation of Dry Places

Here is another revelation for us concerning dry places, “When God sees a dry place in us, He begins thinking of breathing life to that area.” When we turn our minds toward this type of thinking and say, “Lord, I accept your life and restoration in this area of my life”, we are able to experience His power in the very place we thought we were disqualified in.

In order for God to effectively move through our lives freely, it requires a willing or contrite heart. Most people who are broken, submit to the will of God much easier than those who are not. As it is with a lot of us, our strong carnal “will” opposes the will of God, because it doesn’t want the breath of life to breathe through us because it detest the ways of God.


Here an example how our carnal mind chooses to see situations: When we look at someone that’s in a bad state, we feel or see the negativity on them. The first step that happens, is our carnal mind agrees with the negative attitudes we feel, which make both persons carnal or negative towards one another. Afterward, we inwardly label the person as though God can’t talk or help that person. At that point we believe that what we are feeling is true discernment from God. We then begin listening to negative true things about them, and stop hearing the life God is wanting to release upon them to bring about transformation. We can’t overcome evil with evil. We must overcome evil with good.

When there was devastation in Marsh Harbor Bahamas, nobody thought about differences of religions, attitudes, or race. Nobody thought about anything, but just

helping one another. And then we realized, that we were in the Spirit. The Spirit of God was moving! Why? It’s because we were back to our true foundation of loving people and giving life. One could feel God wherever! It’s because we weren’t thinking of all those challenges and blockages that stands to separate us, for none of that was in our midst. It was just helping each person the best you knew how, no matter what they believed. God was working through us, and we were no longer allowing ourselves to label people. The lesson is, don’t try to change people, just give them life and kindness. Don’t try to expose them, just clothe them. If they’re dry, just give them a drink. If they’re naked, don’t try to bring things up of their past, just clothe them. In other words, just love them the way they come. If you try to change them quickly, you’ve already labeled them. The moment I realized that we were all in the Spirit, I realized nobody had recognized it, because we had not operated in that type of love and care in a long time. In this world we’ve been trained by formulas and judgment, instead of by love. However, if one turns to Jesus Christ, he begins the transformation of walking and operating under the Spirit of Love.

We need to become aware of the fact that God places us in a dry places or situations so that He can breathe life upon it through us. The Spirit that is talking to Ezekiel in the scriptures now lives inside of you. So basically, if we look at the way we are today in our carnality, we are carnal souls are that valley, and the Spirit of God which is in the similitude of a person resides in our carnal valley. In our valleys, He wants to prophesy and look at things within you completely different than the way you’ve been looking at yourself. This really is a huge revelation!

The Spirit of God that raised Christ Jesus from the dead, (valley) manifested Himself by coming down out of the perfection of heaven, and placing Himself in a human carnal body, basically a valley. Think about this, God was actually placed in the first valley! Now He is placed in you and I! When we start thinking of God this

way, it destroys all the negative judgment that we’ve had about ourselves, because even God chose to grow Himself in a sinful earthly body and overcome every temptation that you and I go through by leaning on the Spirit instead of the fleshly carnal thoughts of the soulish valley of man. The valley is a shadow of the coming of the Lord for us individually as well. That God Himself, will descend upon the valley or darkness of a person to release life of His Spirit. This also shows that God will always show up in the valley where there is carnality and death. If the person is willing to allow Him in, God will breathe life and transform the soul into a heavenly nature. Whatever type of works of the flesh that it might be, whether anger, strife, jealousy, etc., the Lord chooses to place Himself in that area, for He sees them completely different than you and I. If we start listening to His Spirit that is in the valley of our soul, the Lord will start prophesying into our mind and begin transforming the way that we think about ourselves. Now, that doesn’t mean that it changes our outward appearance immediately, but it does begin transforming our inward sinful nature into Christ nature. However, we must remember to not follow the Spirit to get ourselves changed. If you do, we are listening to the wrong spirit. We are listening to the formulations or step programs of the world instead of God. Don’t follow God to try to change or you will find yourself listening to a constant judging spirit. If your mind is to follow God so that you can change, you’re missing the mark. Your mind should be following God so that God can do the transformation that is needed in you. Our job is to just follow Him without looking at ourselves.

Now, do we know when we are doing things wrong most times? Absolutely! When we know we’re doing things wrong, that’s when we should ask God, “What are You doing? How do you want to handle it?” Most of the time, we assume we know what to do, or figure it out ourselves and try to change quickly. That works at times for a season, but eventually, it runs out doesn’t it? It’s because we can’t really truly change through our own power. We need God’s Spirit. Remember, it’s not by power, nor by might, but by His Spirit. (Zechariah 4:6) The place we use our will in the area of change, is aligning our will with His. It is through this process that we can release God’s wonderful love within our lives or within other places. We’ll care for people, we’ll care for their situation, and when you care for the situation first, that’s when you can change it. When you are trying to change it without care, you’ve missed the mark.

When we look at deathly places or the most devasted people, we must see greatness and life.

When you look at deathly places or toward the most devastated people, you must see greatness and life even if it never changes. Even if the situations never change, like God, we have the ability to keep loving and seeing greatness. Most of us try to change things and we also look for change to be quick and fast. Prophet Isaiah never saw change during his dark ages, yet he believed in the Lord, and prophesied hope and Life Himself. Many prophets didn’t see the Promise but believed with greatness and hope. That’s where we can be! We’ve got to see greatness in the midst of the darkest places, even if it doesn’t manifest. By the Spirit, we have been given the ability to love, long suffer, and have patience in the midst of chaos and darkness. This allows God to have freedom to move through us in major valley’s, intensities, and dry places.

I’ve seen God move so many times in my life. I also have seen how the enemy will come in and steal it by tempting one to be impatient. Afterward they perform his/her own will instead of listening for God’s voice and His will. Remember, when the Jesus was led to the wilderness, that was the place He was tempted to perform His own will instead of Father’s will. The same will happen to you and me. When God places us in dark situations, he will try to tempt us from listening to God and listening to our own will, for he knows the wilderness that God has placed us in, is about to be transformed into His garden. Also remember, when the enemy offers us large and mighty kingdoms just like he offered Jesus, don’t take it unless you have heard God’s voice, because the seemingly little kingdom that the Lord has given you, can change the whole world! Don’t take the bait! Stay in the places which the Lord has committed to you. Let God keep using you in there! There will be times you will go through tempting seasons of warfare, certain seasons of trials, you’ll face lions and bears, but if you wrestle them with the power of God, you will come out in a place of refreshing and authority. Listen, it wasn’t the funniest thing for David to wrestle a lion or wrestle a bear, but he overcame it. Can you imagine a bear trying to attack you and you know that God is giving you the strength to actually take that bear out! My goodness! In these days, if the bear showed up while we were watching over a flock, we would say, “The Lord is not here! I need to run!” As you can see, through the “minor” warfare David had to overcome with God, prepared him to see Goliath as no problem. The little David had, destroyed Giants! He had God!

Listen, if you are in the valley like Ezekiel, know firstly, that you’re in the valley because you have the hand of the Lord on you and that you are in the Spirit of God. Secondly, say to God, “God I know you speak when there is intensity. Speak Lord, I am listening.” Always know that if you are in the place of a valley, God is also there with you, for He will never leave you nor forsake you.


Ezekiel actually went where the Spirit was going. You can say that the Spirit was actually in the valley in the midst of dry bones and dead people. Therefore, if you’re in the presence of dry people and places, don’t jump ship. God put you there to light it up! God put you there to bring the breath of Life! When the disciples complained to Jesus about the storm, Jesus didn’t jump ship, instead He was the breath of God for the disciples, and so can you be for all people.

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