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He is in Prison

Matt 25:36 – I was in prison and you came to Me.’

Most prisoners are those that have been given a judgement of bondage or punishment because of a wrong doing or because of a breaking of the law. There are many people in this world that have brought upon themselves judgements that have put them in a dark prison. However, Jesus strongly considers these people as “He” being in prison. We have the power to set Him free of these prisons by forgiving them as He forgave us yet while we were in prison (sin). We have the power to find, visit, and love without prejudice those that are in bondage. He came and visited us upon the earth while we were in prison and showed us that “Love” is the power that swings the doors of prisons open and sets man’s heart free. He set man free so that he could be free. Find a prisoner today and visit Him. If you love a prisoner, you are loving Jesus. Love Him and set Him free.

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  • Janet McFarlane

    Thank you, Dear Brother, for your courage and faithfulness. You’re , oh, so on target. Wow. Pinpoint on target in my life, and in the lives of our grown children. Thank you for persevering. Onward and upward, Dear One. Peace. Janet McFarlane


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