June 20, 2013 – The Answered Prayer Of The Prophet

Hey guys! Brad here, just wanted to put this article back up that I wrote concerning a vision that I had on June 20, 2013. I thought it is appropriate for our area considering the tremendous flood that we have had in the last couple of days. I pray it now blesses you and releases to us all hope!

The Answered Prayer

Of The Prophet

June 20, 2013

      In my prayer run, God gave me a vision and He showed me an old prophet upon a mountain, bent down with his head between his knees praying, for there had been a drought and famine in the land. The prophet was interceding for God’s people. The landscape was deathly parched, and as I gazed in the valleys there were people in the distance who were staggering through out the land. They had not had anything to drink in a long time. Their hope had dwindled to nothing, yet they were still standing and trying to push onward toward their goal. There were people gazing back at their past and considering turning back to their old ways.  Also, demons were swarming and reminding the people of what wrongs they had done in their past and trying to convince them to give up and die.  It reminded me when Job had lost everything in a day and his wife told him to curse God and die.

     As the prophet prayed, his head lifted and gazed across the dry region, looking for God to answer his prayer.  Suddenly, a light began to shine in his beautiful brown eyes.  A smile began to form, and it started transforming the intense look that had been upon his face. Hope had entered.  Suddenly, in the distance there was a small cloud that began to form.  It grew large and began to fill with water.  A cool wind began to blow, and the prophet’s long stringy hair began to move as a sail in the wind.   Surprisingly, a sound of thunder from heaven was sent to announce the end of the drought for God’s people.  The cloud grew heavy with moisture, so much so that it’s purpose could no longer be delayed, and it began to release the rains.  It was now the beginning of the sovereign season of God for His people! The rains began to fall and soak the earth.  What used to be a dry desert land, began to be transformed into a beautiful flourishing garden.  The rains also began washing the past off of people’s lives, and destroying the demonic horde that had spewed out all of the refuse of lies. It appeared as though they would melt as the rain descended upon them all.

 Isa 28:17-18

 Also I will make justice the measuring line,

And righteousness the plummet;

The hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,

And the waters will overflow the hiding place.

18 Your covenant with death will be annulled,

And your agreement with Sheol will not stand;

     Instantly an awareness of God and hope began to spring forth in the hearts of the people.  They began to shine with a golden light from within, and all could see it.  Others who were far away began to run toward them to participate in what was happening.  It was glorious!  Hope was in the air so tangible, you could breath it in. I began to weep because of the overwhelming love of God that was being shed abroad in man’s heart upon the earth.

     Afterward, I looked back at the prophet; he was overcome with joy because His prayer had been answered for God’s people.  I then became aware that it was Elijah himself.  This day is coming soon! Look for signs, for the cloud, for the cloud is about to form. God is coming! And we are about to become what we have longed for! His image and life on the earth as it is in heaven! The Kingdom is Coming!




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