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More Prophetic Vison 2015

A few attributes of the Apostles that will begin to be revealed this year. – Their eyes will be scorched by the image of Jesus; for they will have seen Him face to face, in the flesh. People will know they had been with Jesus. They will not be known for good preaching, but they will shine and be known for love.

They will have the fear of the Lord and not the fear of man.

They will recover Jesus’ reputation upon earth.(2 Cor11:22-33)Their message will be the unveiling of the revelations of Jesus Christ. It will be such a Truth, presented, that it will shed Light on all counterfeit Christianity. It will be the plumb line message that will righteously judge all other messages spoken.

Their primary focus will be “body” builders, not building builders. They will also build places and positions for the people to own and have for themselves. This is what Jesus did for us as well. Their walk will speak louder than their talk. It was the Fathers good pleasure to give His kids the Kingdom, not to slave for it.

They will have the same mentality on earth as the Father in heaven. They will be Father’s and not professional ministers.

They will labor with people until Christ be form them. Gal. 4:19 Their very life will be dedicated to the raising up of the Lord’s body.

The scars of wrestling with principalities, and powers, tribulations, and persecution will be their qualifications instead of a diploma.
They will recover Jesus’ Reputation upon earth. 2 Cor. 11;22-33 They will not be corporate or people driven, but Love driven.

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