The Shaking Of Heaven And Earth – Released December 23rd 2014



Angelic Authority is going to shift in the heavens as well as authority being shifted upon a new breed of people upon the earth. As Samuel assumed who had the authority when sent to anoint the next king, so it shall be in this next year. Those that we thought were visually qualified, handsome, and charismatic to carry God’s anointing will not be the case, it will be those that have chosen not to be in the light of the religious stream. They will be those that God will have to go get because they would have rather be the hidden in the world than revealed within the church world.

These people will also be moved geographically in order to be in position for the next move of God. This move will begin to shake the earth literally. This movement of God will not be what men were expecting, it will seem to the human heart, that we all may perish, but it will definitely be God moving. (Psalms 46) As this happens, the men that have been placed in authority will stand up as Peter did on the day of Pentecost, and explain what is truly occuring . This will bring thousands into the Kingdom of God. We will see this year creation groan more in a way than we have ever seen or heard before. (Romans 8:22-23) The platelets of the earth will begin to shift or position themselves in the alignment of the shifting that will be occurring within the heavens. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken.

We must call upon the Lord now while is near. For he will be near those who are near to Him during this process that is coming. For some, it will be the best of times, for others, it will be the worst of times. We will have to stop playing like we are a Christian and truly walk in God’s statutes and be one.

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