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Newsletter August 2009

I want to thank all of you for partnering with us and supporting the ministry this year. Your love has encouraged us to keep pressing on towards God’s calling. I pray this year will be the greatest year that you have had in your life. If you follow the Jewish calendar, we are coming to the end of this year on September 27th and 28th, the Day of Atonement. 2010 is going to be a great year for those who have been seeking the Lord. Towards the end of July, I spoke with Bob Jones and He received some prophetic revelation for the ministry for the next several years. I felt as though I needed to share this with you since you are connected to us as well. I believe that when people are connected through the sovereignty of God, the blessings that come to one, flows also to those that you are connected with. I pray this revelation blesses you as much as it has blessed our team.

2009 – Year of the Ox

Prophetically, this past year was the year of the “Ox” – a year of plowing new ground. God placed many people into entirely new arenas. It seems as though it has been hard, but actually it has just been you having to plow in a new field. Plowing new ground is not always the easiest thing to do. Nevertheless, when we have true understanding, it makes things much easier to cope with. This past year has been a year of trouble. We have had to walk through hell to get to heaven. Trouble has a way of causing our fleshly strongholds to manifest so that God can wipe it clean. Trouble, at times, is God’s flint knife that circumcises our hearts. This year was the year that we had to walk through our own human dung or flesh. God has allowed everything that we have gone through in order to deliver us of our own strength and fleshly desires.

2009 was the year of sacrificing our fleshly desires for God’s will to be worked in us. Nevertheless, some did not make it this year. Some put their hand to the plow then looked back and quit, while others continued to press through. Those that did not quit and continued to plow through trouble and discouragement sowed seeds of blessings for the next year.

2010 – Year of the Eagle

Next year will be the year of the Eagle for those that endured this past year. It will be a year of revelation, vision, and provision. Revelation gifts will be distributed and enhanced. As an adult eagle feeds their young, we will be able to feed people with revelation that God provides. A desire to disciple others will spring up in people’s hearts and we will see people starting to meet in their homes and businesses. People will begin to have a hunger for the Word of God. We will see noticeable change between October and December.

2011 – Year of the Lion

This year will be the year of tremendous authority being released upon people. There are people that have been hidden for a time that will come to the forefront in major authority and power. A new emergence of leaders will come forth. We will hear of or see the dead raised in towns and cities. This will cause the whole city to turn back to God. Those that carry this type of authority will only move when God moves and only say what God says, just as Jesus did. Their lives will be totally dedicated to God.

2012 – The Year of the Man

This will be the beginning of men and women entering into union or oneness with God. When God moves, man moves and when man moves, God moves as well. We will start seeing the friends of God emerge and be true representations or reflections of Christ, not only in their works but also in their character and walk of life.

I pray this encourages all of us to continue on the path of God. We are coming into great times. Even though it seems to be growing dark in the world, this is the greatest time to live. This is the moment when God’s people rise and shine with His glory on them. The whole world will see His glory. They will say, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” The world will recognize God again through His people and have an opportunity to enter into the Kingdom of God one last time.


We have been traveling to South Africa for a few years now and God has given us grace and favor to help serve the country. We will be traveling to Durban September 8th and are staying for a month. We are looking forward to helping start a ministry school at a ministry called “The Eagles.” The ministry is in a providence of Durban called Phoenix. We will be training the leaders in a two-week program. There will be teachings and hands on training, along with a mini faith course that will help implement the direction of the school. From Durban we are going to Pretoria to train leaders to start their own ministry schools in their churches. From there, we will go to Kenya for a leaders training school and also speak in a crusade that they are preparing for us. After Kenya we will head back to Durban. Somewhere in there we will also be in Cape Town for a few days. It’s going to be a wild ride!

There is a manual called “Recognizing the Voice of God” that we hope will be out on print in the next month. It was written specifically to help people hear and recognized the ways the Lord speaks. This manual also has certain keys and scriptures that open up understandings of the attitude and personality of God. We will post it on our website as soon as it is off the press. Video will soon be available on our website that will keep you informed on what is going on in the ministry with updates on trips, testimonies, and important prophetic messages.

In the near future, I will be writing and posting on a visitation that I had recently concerning the coming of the Lord. Please pray for us during this time, that what will be written and spoken will affect mindsets of many people.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We pray that God’s favor will surround you as a shield and open the doors of your destiny.


Brad McClendon
LoneStar Ministries

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