Pour Out How?

Joel 2:14-32

Many people have read and heard this scripture taught through out all generations. In this scripture, the main part that we have heard read is “He shall pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and …..” We have subconsciously believed that God one day is going to supernaturally pour out of heaven such a big bucket of Spirit, that it is going to hit the whole earth and completely cover it. This belief comes from the systems of the enemy. For it causes us to forever hope and wait for that day to happen, leaving us stagnate, without forward motion, and never awakening to our true identity.

Yet what the Father has been eagerly waiting to release upon His people is the revelations of His Son Jesus. This will awaken Christians around the world, causing the “Spirit” (river) that is in them to be poured out upon all those that are in their reach. In other words, the Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh through the “body of Christ” around the world. Just as it was poured out through the body of Jesus when He walked the earth, so shall it be poured out again through all of us. Time to wake up! Pour out the “Spirit” of life where God has you. For the kingdom of God is within you!

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