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1 Samuel 19:9-10 says, Now the distressing spirit from the Lord came upon Saul as he sat in his house with his spear in his hand. And David was playing music with his hand. 10 Then Saul sought to pin David to the wall with the spear, but he slipped away from Saul’s presence; and he drove the spear into the wall. So David fled and escaped that night.

Besides the distressing spirit that was sent upon Saul from the Lord, Saul had jealousy and envy toward David. As we see with David, these two spirits always follow those that God has anointed. These spirits work together to try to pin down the anointing in one place. If it can isolate the anointing, it will eventually cause it to die out. On the other hand, these two spirits are allowed in anointed peoples’ lives by God to form them into their true calling. To be Kings! If jealousy and envy follows you today, it only confirms that you are called to be an anointed King that will reach generations. Let jealousy and envy become your servant that carries you to your purpose and calling.

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