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Recently I was caught up before the Lord, and what I experienced was not only a warning, but also a blessing of what to do and what was to transpire in our near future.

I was shown a group of prophetic leaders standing in front of the Jesus Christ. Jesus began teaching them the mysteries and revelations of Himself so that it could be released to different regions. This would cause those that heard and believed the word to turn back to Jesus Christ and walk in the way of true Life. This was the way God was preparing His people for “Who” was coming upon the horizon. I could tell by the look in the Lord’s eyes, that what He was speaking was important to Him, yet 92% of the leaders were thinking that they did not need to know more about Jesus, they felt it was more important to know what was upon the horizon. They acted as though they were listening to Jesus, but gazing in the distance to see if they could prophetically catch a glimpse of futuristic events. The other group of leaders had their eyes and ears fixed on Jesus, and were beginning to shine and transform into His very image. After Jesus stopped speaking, He dispersed them all to release the revelations to the world. The Lord then turned to me and said, “Man will not be able to survive what is coming without knowing Me.”

One group went out proclaiming the revelations of Jesus, and walking in His nature and authority. Their lives were an exact replica or example of the Lord. Those that heard them began to shine as the Lord. This created a domino effect of many people being saved and walking in the power and nature of Christ. Many that heard, could not wait to tell the next person about Jesus. I noticed also, the more the people sought to just know Jesus, the more wisdom they would receive as well on how to prepare for the coming days. Yet their minds were not focused on how to prepare. Their minds were set on knowing more of Jesus Christ. In other words, they were not coming to Jesus to know how to prepare; they were coming to Jesus because they were addicted to Him.

The other group went out proclaiming what was on the horizon, prophesying wars, a rumor of wars, financial collapse, mystical ways into the spirit, etc. Those that heard and believed began to exude a dark grey color, causing them to become self-centered instead of Christ centered. The fruit of prophetic utterances were not turning people to Jesus, nor was it revealing Him. It was actually causing a panic and a hoarding among people. As it spread, I saw that it was transforming peoples’ minds like that of the leaders – to not want to hear about Jesus, but being addicted to know future events. The people became addicted to words of fear instead of the fear of the Lord. It looked like a virus had been released. It began tainting every mind that it came in contact with. After the experience I knew to be watchful and aware of this likely scenario.

If there is anytime to get closer to the Lord is now. Of course, the Lord warned us that these types of events would occur. That there would be wars and rumors of wars, etc., but not to let our hearts be troubled, for these types of things must happen. (Matt. 24:4-8) He also warned in Luke 21:26-28, that men’s hearts would fail them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken, and when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because our redemption draws near.” He also declared that people would say that, He is in the desert!’ but He said, “Do not go out;” or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ “But do not believe it.” “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”(Matt 24:26-28)

The message from the Lord is to keep our eyes and minds upon Him, and we will dwell in perfect peace. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to use wisdom to prepare, but that wisdom does not need to come from beneath, which is earthly wisdom, or man’s wisdom, but it needs to come from above, which is from Christ. True wisdom will come to those who keep their minds upon Jesus. He is the answer to all things. Besides, these events, prophesies of the future, point to one thing – Jesus Christ. We can either get caught up in fear listening to all the events being prophesied, or use what is being wrongly prophesied to push us closer to the Lord’s heart to hear the strategic personal revelations of Jesus Christ. We can’t get upset with those prophesying fear, because it was the Lord that prophesied this would happen. This all is His doing. He warned us of these things head of time so that when it did occur, we would see it as a sign to get close to Him. For Christ Jesus is our ark as in the days of Noah. Whoever is in Christ will be saved.

Right now are the times that God is speaking mysteries and revelations of His Son, and its time to turn and listen. If we turn toward Christ we will be transformed into His likeness. If there is anything that will prepare us for any disaster, is knowing Christ Himself. Let’s get closer to the Lord like we have never been before!






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