Ukraine Spirit School

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We are off to a great start! The Ukraine Spirit School began September 19 and we had over three hundred students fill out applications, pay their tuition and travel for the first weekend of courses. Just that was a good sign for the hunger in the country. The expectation and excitement of the people was encouraging. They were ready to learn and be activated. Rick Stoker taught in the level two class on “Having God’s Heart for the Poor.” Rick was surprisingly pleased with what God released for these leaders. Before the first class started, a Christian TV program came to interview Rick and Betty Strombeck, Rick Stoker, and myself about the school. This gave us a small window to tell people in the area what we are all about and the vision of the school. The small video clips we posted will give you a bit of an idea of what we are doing in the school. They are not of the best quality, but we are working on it. The School will run from September 08 to April 09. If you have any interest in partnering or supporting what we are cultivating in Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact us through our website at If you want to financially support what we are doing, you can also go to our website and click on “Donate” and it will walk you through the process.

I again want to thank Rick and Betty Strombeck for allowing us to come along side and serve in this area of Ukraine. We definitely could not be doing what we are doing there without there help. For years they have had a School of Ministry that laid the foundation for the next level of ministry. I hope that we can do as good a job as they have done, one that the next generation can build upon. We all play a part in building God’s house in His people. The Strombeck’s definitely have been the “good and faithful servants” Jesus speaks about in Matthew 25:21.

This is an exciting coming year. It looks as though it is getting dark upon the face of the earth and gross darkness in the people, but that is the sign that the glory of God will arise on His people. Blessings on you and thank you for your support.


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