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Spit And Mud

Who would have thought Jesus would heal someone born blind with spit and mud? (John 10) Could it be, when spit and mud starts getting thrown in our face, it could be the opportunity to see the glory of God. Could it actually be Jesus trying to deliver us from blindness the world has used to conformed us? Could it be Him causing us to be born again to see things in a whole new perspective? When the mud slinging starts, don’t listen to the old knowledge that you have been raised with, but listen to the Lord’s perspective. You then will be washed by the water of His word and be transformed into His vary likeness. No one will even recognize you, because you are a whole new person.

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Our purpose is to reveal how much God still loves the world and to give Jesus His reputation back on the earth. We have witnessed the Spirit of God moving in powerful ways in the areas of miraculous understanding, healing, and deliverance. In this power that follows us, is a huge atmosphere of God’s love. A large part of our ministry is dedicated to equipping, and releasing the body of Christ into its destiny.