Urgent Vision for Our Nation

From the days of old, the Lord has called the people of the United States to be a nation that would birth an image of God that would help other nations who also have been appointed to the same calling. Yet the enemy has seen our calling from the beginning. Today, I saw our nation as Samson and how from birth he was called as a Nazirite, totally dedicated to God and no razor to come to his head and cut off the covering that God had grown on his head.  This vision represented that America’s government or head, like Samson, was called to be under the covering of the authority of God, and America was to grow continually under that authority, representing Christ to all people and nations all the days of our lives.

Through centuries, our Godly nation and government have been bombarded by several attacks of the enemy to wear us down so that we would eventually surrender governing foundations of God, to the governing power of the enemy. The enemy that has been attacking the government of God in our nation is the spirit of Jezebel, which has been coming in tactics of how Delilah destroyed Samson’s covering or authority. It’s Satan himself.

The Philistines representing the counsel of Satan, could not openly overtake Samson, so they came to Delilah and asked her to begin enticing Samson to find where his great strength lies, and by what means may he be overpowered. Eventually this spirit slowly stripped Samson’s authority by daily bombardments and wearing him out until he finally gave up his will and authority to it. By him relinquishing his will to Delilah’s will, it caused his hair to be cut off, which represented the authority of God that was placed on his head from birth. Afterward, Samson was stripped of his identity, and his eyes were put out and sentenced to slavery.

This is what has been slowly happening with our nation for centuries, but now, because we have not taken a true stand and kicked the enemy to the curb, the Spirit of Jezebel is blatantly showing itself in rare form through constantly wearing our nation down with a bombardment of addictive media, socialism, and lies, that are against the foundations of God that this country was laid upon.

Learning Curve

There are a few things to learn from Samson’s life for our nation that may help. One, Samson let Delilah continue to bombard him because his pride caused him to believe that he could not fall in spite of what the enemy does to him. This is a major lie of the enemy with us as well as nation. We cannot assume that we will not fall because our nation is called by God. This is a major deception that will strip us of the power God and leave us naked and in slavery.

The second understanding of Samson is, that even though he knew that Delilah was trying to bring him down, he entertained her presence and listened to her words of what she spewed at him. This is the very trick we are being enticed to do as a nation. This type of situation is what happen to Eve in the garden. She chose to listen to what the serpent’s voice was saying. The problem with entertaining the enemies voice, is that being unaware, we slowly conform to its very nature. For whatever we behold we become, whether it be God or the enemy.  The enemy doesn’t care if we continue to speak out against, or criticize him of how awful he is, he’s just happy that we are continuing to draw near to him to listen his voice instead of God’s. We must resist the temptations of listening to the voice of the enemy and draw near to God.  If we continue to behold the enemy that is over our nation, we will eventually conform to its image without our awareness, all of the while thinking we are still on God’s side, yet blinded, and in slavery. We must remember that even though God has called this nation to be His own, it doesn’t mean that He will intervene. This is one of the highest forms of pride that will quickly bring down our nation. If we think that we can stand, is the time we can fall into our greatest slavery of the enemy. If we don’t begin to stand up and show the true God of our nation, Jesus Christ, we could have the potential of being stripped of its Godly authority and losing our true vision, which is Christ. Afterward, we could be potentially sentenced to darkness and slavery just as it was with Samson. The redemptive part of Samson’s life was while in slavery, he turned back toward God. This same type of scenario occurred to Israel when they had turned their backs from the Lord.  They were sentenced into Babylonian slavery until their hearts turned as well. Nevertheless, this didn’t have to happen to either Samson or Israel. It also doesn’t have to happen to our nation.

One may ask, “Then how can we bring this demonic spirit down?” I feel as a nation, we must first repent back on Jesus Christ and get our eyes and ears upon Him. This is something I believe many are doing now. True believers are realizing that their lives are miserable by focusing on all the voices that Jezebel spews out over the media. This is causing them to turn off the addictive enemies’ voice in their lives and turning back toward the Lord. Afterward, they feel life being injected again in their lives, and the joy of living comes back.

We must remember Jesus did not allow himself to fall into the temptation of focusing on the enemy.  His ears and heart were on the voice and will of the Spirit, which allowed Him to walk within the enemies’ camp fully empowered by the Spirit. This enabled the Spirit to rule through Him and take over every demonic thing that got in His path. Jesus said in John 5:19,

“The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.” This shows us that we cannot truly do anything that is from God on our own less we are completely surrendered to focusing on God’s will, not the will of the enemy. Of course, we cannot be ignorant of Satan’s devices, but in order to recognize his tactics, we must completely be focused on the Lord. The old saying of, “If we are to recognize the counterfeit, we must focus on the original”, is still true today. Our true nature is to focus not on the enemy, but on Christ. Jesus proved it by living it in the flesh.

Like Samson, even though we carry the power of God, we cannot entertain, or play with the enemies’ ways, less we be stripped of our own individual power.


I truly believe, if we could turn back to listening and walking with the Spirit of God, and not mixing spirit of this world in our walk, we would begin transforming supernaturally into the nature of the Lord. We would then begin to carry the same manifest presence that was on Jesus that turned people away from the addictions of the enemy and being addicted to the Love and ways of Christ.  Our mouths would stop criticizing the enemy, and begin speaking out who Jesus truly is for this world. For we would have an edge on the enemy, for all would begin recognizing that we had been with Jesus. This would cause a domino effect of people turning away from the enemy and toward Jesus Christ. For we would be true representations of who Christ is on the earth as in heaven.

Let’s stop entertaining the addictive ways of the enemy that Jezebel is placing in our face and turn into the face of Jesus! It’s time! If we turn, we will see Jesus as He is and begin voicing out with excitement the details of who Jesus truly is! People will see the passion in our eyes and want to turn back to the path of Jesus! The answer to bringing down the spirit of Jezebel is introducing the King of all Kings back into our nation. If we do so, He will come once again, remove Jezebel off the throne of our nation that we allowed her to sit upon, and rule in our nation with His presence. Once again, our nation will be saved.  

Scripture reference: Judges 13:5, Judges 16:4-22, Judges 16:25-30

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