Jesus could not have done nothing, nor be as effective if He had not known His Father and the men that was sent into His life. This is still true today.
We can run around and do prayer walks, have conferences, and blow horns all day long, but if we do not take the time to know the people that God has placed in our lives first, we will not be able to be as effective as we ought and take the ground that we should be taking.
When we are not taking the time to truly know the people in our lives, we are not taking the true time to know God as well. Let’s take ground “together”. For true unity “is” the force that releases the blessing and takes the territory back that the enemy stole from us. Psalms 133

3 thoughts on “KNOW ONE ANOTHER

  • Johnny Rhodes

    Wow – Brad this was a powerful confirmation to me and my wife. The power of unity. I appreciate your heart to share Truth – love you man!!!!

  • mary

    Brad, I have been listening to your messages for months now, I live in Western Australia, and I have had to repeat them over and over to re-program my mind due to a lot of religious teaching and beliefs that have been taught as truth but I now know isn’t. So thank you for being brave enough to walk over that line of religion and ego that is so often drawn to keep people out of the true kingdom reality and true unity that will indeed be a witness to so many that are yet to encounter the real Jesus. I so appreciate the courage you’ve walked in, as I know it hasn’t been an easy road, but one that you have kept on walking on until you understood what God was doing. I am basically doing something similar.

    • Bradford McClendon

      Bradford McClendon

      Thank you Mary. Bless you! Keep going!


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