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Acts 27:35-37  “Then he took some bread, gave thanks to God before them all, and broke off a piece and ate it.  Then everyone was encouraged and began to eat – all 276 of us who were on board.”
Paul was on a ship filled with soldiers and prisoners that had been in a perilous storm for 14 days. Some wanted to abandon the ship, some wanted to kill the prisoners, no one had eaten in two weeks they were filled with fear.  In the midst of this, Paul still had faith.  He encouraged the men to eat (continue on in their daily lives) and gave thanks to God in the midst of the storm.  Paul’s choices changed the attitudes of all that were in boat.  The Bible says “everyone” was encouraged.
Today, regardless of your circumstances, choose to give thanks to God and bless your situation, regardless of how bad it may appear.  Your actions can change the attitude of others around you, as well as your own.

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