12 Spot – Tyler, Texas

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As a lot of you know, we have planted a training center in Tyler, Texas. Cune and Michelle Pena are the overseers.  They have named the ministry “The 12 Spot.”  I have been traveling there every month helping train the people for the work of the ministry and holding seminars on “How God Speaks.”  It has been wonderful to watch God move among and through people.  There is such a hunger for the power of God! This last trip on December 5th-7th was incredible.  People were baptized and empowered by in the Holy Spirit. One individual had never been baptized in the Holy Spirit.  When the Holy Spirit came upon her, her skin turned red like fire. It was awesome to watch!  She was so happy to have this new encounter with God.  You know, that is one of the things God wants for us. Happiness!  In Isaiah 61:3  says that one the attributes of the Spirit of God is the oil of joy.  This is what this girl left the meeting with – Joy!  At another time, the power of God came upon a young man and I ask him if He could feel the power that was upon him. He said, “I feel like I am 3 to 5 feet off the ground and I don’t know how to get down.”  It was wonderful to see God’s precious love all over that young man.  There are so many testimonies from people of how God touched or healed their lives from these meetings.  There is such an atmosphere of family in the meetings!. You feel as though you are at home or in a safe place.  Please join us as we learn more about Jesus and how God speaks. You will love it because He is there! I will be back in town on January 9th-11th. Blessings on all of you!

Brad McClendon

God Stories

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